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Painter services in Dubai that help to quickly and conveniently find professional craftsmen.

The site presents the services of the company in Dubai. We have been working for over 11 years, since 2004. The company works without intermediaries!

In addition to the service of a master for an hour, the company’s specialists are ready to carry out a wide range of repair work and take orders of varying complexity and nature. Services for minor household repairs are a priority area of ​​activity at this stage of development. 

We work in Dubai and the Dubai region. The proof of our professionalism is the official registration (a contract-order is signed with each client) and numerous positive reviews from our clients.

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Indoor walls are most often painted with water-based paint. For this, use a roller, brush, or spray gun. A plasterer painter will dilute the paint with color in the right proportions if it is necessary to obtain a certain color.


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Professional Painting in Dubai

A professional painter in Dubai


Whether you need a painter in Dubai for outdoor walls or indoor painting tasks, we provide our expertise to you whenever you need the best wall painting services in Dubai. We have various wall painters in Dubai who understand exactly how to give a special touch to your wall with the highly intelligent color distribution. To achieve the best outcomes, we coordinate with the best painters in town who are excellently knowledgeable in color combinations, equipment, wall textures, and other painting strategies. We help you to use the town’s best professional painting services at competitive market prices.

6Best wall painting services in Dubai 

We are a prominent and growing company providing wall painting services in Dubai with years of experience in delivering premium painting services to residential and corporate customers. We have many clients that are quite happy and satisfied with our wall painting Dubai services. Be it, homeowners or business owners, we have been providing our painting services in Dubai to many happy customers. We are a team of dedicated and professional painters who are really competent and fully experienced in understanding the practicalities and techniques of painting a wall.

Benefits of your wall painted

We have the finest wall painters in Dubai painting outdoor as well as indoors with a track record of success in serving huge companies, and corporate offices. You can completely change the aura of your house or building by getting it painted by our professional wall painters. It is quite a good idea to get your house painted if the previous paint has faded away or if there are permanent stains on your walls. One of the main benefits of painting your house is that the overall look and appearance of the house is refreshed. You can also try and experiment with different colors before selecting the one you want and make your house look just like new.

Improves the situation of your House

The outside walls of your homes are damaged by extreme weather conditions. Wall paint could rub off and the coating could fall off. You’ll be capable of making your home stand out by painting the walls with vivid colors. Your home’s overall atmosphere will be at its peak.

Dull looking houses have always been boring and gloomy. It indicates that people residing inside of it just don’t know a thing about maintaining a home. A wonderful, stylish home is always a great place to stay in. House painting has never been this easy, cheap and comfortable as it is with us since we have been providing House painting service in Dubai successfully for quite a while now.

Increases the positive energy of your house

A crummy and outdated house appearance encourages a derogatory environment. If your house’s walls are dusty and rusty they can give the whole house a horrible appearance. If they are professionally painted in bright or calming colors, though, they enhance the house’s positive energy. You’re going to get in a better place mentally.

Choose the right painting services

It’s crucial to recruit the best painting services in Dubai to modify your home’s vibrancy. Choosing a suitable painting company is the key to making your home look fresh and new. Not every Dubai-based painting company has the best resources to help you paint the proper way. We offer you the greatest team of painters, who have a clear idea of how to successfully get the project done, but they also provide you clean-up before paint changes, quick cleaning, and after-paint.

You may think about improving all your home’s paintwork by yourself, but having a professional to do the job for you does make a difference. We have the requisite experience and qualifications to modify your home’s overall appearance. Our paint brushes are coated with the best solutions to make the paint look pretty cool and clean. If you are doing the job by yourself, you surely won’t get the results as perfect and professional as a trained villa painter services provider in Dubai.

Our professional painters give attention to every small detail while working at your premises. Whether you need our office painting Dubai services or Studio painting Dubai services, we always make sure that our clients take the most out of our professional painting services.

Our services include but are not limited to,

Cost of painting services in Dubai

Now let’s talk about the cost of painting services for different sizes of apartments, villas or offices. The research is done based on various quotes we got from different paint companies in Dubai. the cost of painting services in apartments and villas differs a bit mainly because of the difference in sizes of the rooms. The numbers that are mentioned below are average numbers based on our research and are dependent on the choice of paint being used.

Apartments painting Coast

Studio apartment:  it will cost a minimum AED 300/- to AED 650/- depending on the location and painting requirements.

1 bedroom apartment:

AED 400/- to AED 650/- depending on the location and painting requirements.

2 bedroom apartment:

AED 900/- to AED 1200/- depending on the location and painting requirements

3 bedroom apartment:

AED 1500/- to AED 1800/- depending on the location and painting requirements

4 bedroom apartment: 

AED 2550/- to AED 1950/- depending on the location and painting requirements

Villas painting Coast

2 bedroom villa:

AED 2000 to 2500 /- depending on the location and painting requirements

3 bedroom villa:

AED 2700 to 3600/- depending on the location and painting requirements

4 bedroom villa:

AED 3200 to 4500/- depending on the location and painting requirements


Some extra cost factors

Branded paint: May cost you 10 to 15 % extra.

Color paint: May cost you 30 to 40 % extra.

Oil finishing: May cost you 15 to 20 % extra.

Double coat: May cost you 10 to 15 % extra.

The cost of painting services in Dubai will be determined by a few factors such as ceiling painting services, paint quality, paint color, multiple paint coats and the number of painters. Moreover, if you want the painters to serve on a holiday or at nighttime, the final payment you make may be a bit higher.



Why PainterInDubai

Office painting

Even more, then look no further. Our Highly experienced, skilled painters are licensed providers of the best painting services in Dubai for Offices. Our services ranging from a single ordinary room to complete complex buildings. At Painting Services Dubai, office painting is done with utmost skill level and quality.


Certainly, a new coat of paint will simply do wonders on the inside style of any flat. If you’re searching for Best worth & Quality Interior and Exterior flats Painting Services altogether U.A.E: Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, national capital then you’re at the right place we tend to trained skilled painters for flats painting services.


For instant, While when it comes to picking a paint color, you can’t just ask for white! There are a plethora of choices from cool whites, warm whites, and true whites. Color is a preference decision for each individual. Color wheels and paint cards/chips help you narrow the scope of your colour decision-making. ), a number of color wheels/cards from several different major paint manufacturers.


Therefore, our Company aims to provide you with the best Villa Painting services in Dubai and to make sure that your Villa looks like a Piece of Heaven. Usually, painting of huge and complex villas takes a lot of time. . But the most prominent feature of our professionals is


Like that, We have years of experience in providing expert wall painting services in Dubai. “Painting Services” has extensive experience of carrying out all aspects of internal and external decoration for residential and commercial customers. Therefore, We provide a full, all-inclusive in-writing proposal to our customers


In other words, There are tricky design challenges, and then there’s figuring out how to decorate a studio apartment. How do you fit living room, kitchen, and bedroom into one room and still have room to breathe? While, decorating a studio requires a bit more ingenuity, planning, and editing,

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